Home Inspections

For your peace of mind

Standard Inspection $350

Informal walk though $200

The scope of the inspection is a visual observation of the readily accessible areas of the building, components, and systems that is limited to the readily accessible and visible areas and the systems identified as follows: Site/ Grounds, Structural System/ Foundation, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating System, Cooling System, Interior, Insulation and Ventilation, and Fireplaces / Solid Burning Appliances.
The scope of the inspection is the same as the standard inspection without the written report. The written report may be purchest at a later date if you want.

Mold Inspection $150

Radon Inspection $150

Mold Inspection is not yet available.
Radon Inspection is not yet available.

Sellers Inspection $200

Pests Inspection $150

Seller Inspection is a standard inspection for the seller so as to have inspection to work from to ready a home for inspection.
Pests Inspection is not yet available.